Mount Vernon Kitchen

Project to provide additional kitchen space to an existing 2-storey house. The key objective was to provide lots of natural light and a sense of space and height to the kitchen.

I've worked with Amanda many times over the last 10 years and on lots of different projects. As a home improvement company Amanda was our Architect of choice. We worked exclusively with Amanda and the results were always excellent.

When it came to doing our own renovation project it really was an easy choice.

Amanda took care of everything...

> Initial design ideas
> architectural drawings
> Detailed specifications and notes for the builders to follow
> Engineers reports
> The list goes on....

Like many BIG projects, sometimes things change along the way, Amanda was always at the end of the phone or able to do site visits to make sure any adjustments were made.

The end result is spectacular...

A beautiful 1895 period sandstone property that's been restored and transformed with a stunning open plan kitchen, two beautiful downstairs bathrooms and utility room.

Highly Recommended.

– Tommy, Mount Vernon


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